Jul 17 2013

Animated Stephen2

Jul 16 2013

Animated Stephen

This is our dear friend, Stephen, on vacation in Maine recently. He’s fun to photograph!  We had a little fun with his pictures…

And here is taking a stroll through the water…

Jul 16 2013

Beat the Heat! Save Your Hard Drive!

Recently there has been an increase in incidents of hard drive replacements here at Infinite Dezine and Computers. We estimate an increase of 1000% within the last month alone! There are many reasons for a hard drive failing and a few of them can be prevented. The major source of hard drive failing (in laptops) is accidental falling, whether it is a fall of only a foot to falling off a table. The second major factor for hard drive failing (1st for desktops) is overheating (operating temperature).


All components inside a computer generate heat, from the hard drive to the CPU, each component adding to the internal temperature. Generally the ambient temperature is controlled by the fan systems which constantly turn over the air inside the computer but there are a few factors that can cause this ambient temperature to increase to detrimental levels for internal components, especially hard drives. The two uppermost of these factors is excessive build up of dust/animal fur and increase of environmental temperature/humidity (hot sticky weather).

Dust build up is the easiest of these to control. The best way is to open up the desktop/laptop and blow out the excessive dust with a low powered compressor or can of compressed air. Do not use a vacuum to do this as it causes static electricity. With laptops, you want to be extra careful as the fans are not as robust so extra care should be taken not to blow apart the internal fan. The direction you blow through the computer should be opposite to the air flow when the computer is on, if in doubt place your hand over the fan to feel if there is air flowing in our out. This should be carried out at least yearly unless you have pets or have your computer on the floor in a dusty environment then it should be carried out twice per year. Side note; Laptops shouldn’t be put on soft surfaces as you will cover the fan intake and increase the internal temperature dramatically.

The second major factor is environmental, is a little harder to control unless you have a air conditioner trained on your computer but there are a couple of things which will help….

Firstly keep it out of direct sunlight, most computers are black these days and while this keeps them clean looking and stylish, it doesn’t help with heat if left in directly sunlight. Secondly, be sure there is plenty of air flow around your computer. Moving your desktop above the desk, rather than below, or putting your laptop on a table rather than soft furniture or bed covers, will help keep the air circulating and therefore reduce the temperature inside your computer.

External fans and cooling pads can be employed to help circulate air around your computer if moving it is not a viable option. While these measures won’t always guarantee that your hard drive will survive the coming heat it will greatly improve its chances. This is also be a good time to back up the precious pictures and documents onto an external drive or flash drive.

Infinite Dezine and Computers offers blow outs for people who are just not comfortable doing it themselves. This service is performed with every tune-up/virus-removal. Generally, the cost is $10 to blow out. But, it’s HOT out there! So… mention this post when you come in we will blow out your laptop or desktop for FREE!


Mar 24 2013

Do you really need a website?

Simply stated…  if you have a business, product, organization or message and you do not have an online presence, one WILL be created for you.

Without a website, that presence will simply be in the form of what others have had to say about you, the good and the bad, in forums, social media outlets, etc.   Community Pages will automatically be set up on facebook if  just one person mentions your business.   You will have no control of the content or images and no real way to have a voice, yet, this is how the rest of the world will see you. Continue reading

Mar 23 2013

Why custom built is better..

  • Flexibility is offered by designing your system to suit you now and into the future
  • Full control over the quality of components used means less prone to hardware failure
  • We test every PC rigorously for a full 24 hour period prior to releasing
  • We know our components and can provide in-depth technical support
  • Our attention to airflow and cooling means our PC’s last the test of time

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